Eco-Gres Tile

1.Description Recycled post-industrial ceramic tiles.

2. Application

Ideal for both indoor or outdoor areas; flooring, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, showers, etc.

3. Certification LEED-Logo


4. Ecological Impact

Eco-Gres Tiles are made in Italy from recycled content. The factory uses a closed-loop water system which reduces their water intake and pollution. Tiles are made of natural materials and are reusable for over 40 years with little maitenance.


 5. Resource Usage

Eco-Gres Tiles are made from 30-50% post-industrial recycled porcelain content. Tiles are packaged and shipped from Italy in large quantites to minimize carbon footprint. Shipping via container emits 2/6th the amount of CO2 that a truck emits.

 6. human Health

Eco-Gres Tiles are made from all natural materials which emit no VOCs in neither production nor in use. The tiles are unglazed, and require no sealants in installation, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals.

 7. Social Equity

Coverings, Etc. whose factory is located in Itsly has a lengthy CSR and environmentsl dedication policy available on their website, plus programs that include the increased daylighting in all work areas, designated gas recycling and wastewater management.