School of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment

Students: Dan Luo, Dehui Gomez, Jason de Guzman, Kushal Durai, Nick Kabbani, Sean Kunrong Li, Shabika Vidhya Sekha, Sunghwan Um


This project is about mass timber construction and its benefits.

Cross Laminated Timber is a lighter construction material, both time and cost-efficient, as well as environmentally friendly. With the construction of mass timber buildings, one can not only reduce the carbon footprint, but it can intake carbon. Mass timber buildings can store CO2, reducing the world’s carbon footprint. By the simple act that trees absorb CO2, cutting the mature trees and using those trees for timber construction while replanting trees to continue the cycle.

Introduction to Mass timber construction.


Compares the steel and clt lifecycles


NYC Forest Industry and decarbonization chart