School of Design, Interior Design

Student: Shenyi Zhang
Faculty: Seth Embry

Corals˜ have a lot of connections with humans. Humans are connected to our oceans. Half a billion people rely on coral reefs for food and income. However, we only pay attention to the
benefits they could gain from the corals while disregarding the potentially harmful effects they are bringing to corals. The rising water temperatures and ocean acidification linked to rising carbon dioxide levels cause a lot of corals to bleach. This space located in dumbo Brooklyn is a six-story building next to the Manhattan bridge. The goal of this space is to create a strong expression of the connections between corals and humans. The people being in this space will experience the living conditions of corals by having an underwater space. The water that fishes live with could also harvest a lot of trees and plants to provide oxygen and food for humans to achieve energy conservation in the whole space. Humans could help the corals by using artificial corals to decrease the acidification and temperature of corals.


The image contains the axonometric perspective renderings of the space to talk about the different programs inside the space. The plans at the left bottom provide more details of each space and help people to understand how each level will function. The ecosystem drawing at the lower right corner speaks of the main concept of the project by depicting the coral life cycle and how the pollution is strongly related to the lives of corals.


The physical models explore the concept in a three dimensional way, the rendered perspective
produces a more atmospheric view of the space.