School of Art, Design Management

Students: Irma Barrera, Gibum You, Saul Marquez – Vitela, Tenzing Chonzom
Faculty: Rachel Starobinsky, Yutaka Takiura

There is an abundance of research and statistics that remind us of the issues with recycling, however, there is a lack of knowledge regarding programs or resources that allow consumers to
actually do something about it.
In this project, we aimed to reimagine an existing, underutilized, solution while incorporating design strategy to make it more effective: Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs).

Existing Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) can incorporate design and technology to not only incentivize consumers to recycle but to also hold businesses accountable simultaneously through partnerships.



Traditional RVMs lack presence along with software and hardware capabilities. With effortless, users can track the closest location of an RVM and track their recycling behaviors and collected incentives.


We aim to initially set up 4 RVMs in subway stations. Each unit could collect 250 to 300 bottles and cans.
Marathons generate a lot of water bottle waste. What if we install our machine in this context and possibly partner with charities as well in the process?


Music festivals and raves also generate a large number of plastic bottle waste as concert-goers like to stay hydrated.

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