CSDS serves as a physical and virtual hub for Pratt’s commitment to educate environmentally responsible citizens. CSDS encourages the use of Pratt’s campus as a living laboratory linking the classroom to campus initiatives. The CSDS houses a materials research center that supports faculty, students and alumni in the integration of sustainability into their professional lives. CSDS is also the home of the Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation founded in 2002.


Engineering Building Room 001
200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn NY 11205

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Who We Are 


Carolyn Shafer


Center for Sustainable Design Strategies

Carolyn is the Director of the Center for Sustainable Design Strategies (CSDS), the research and resource whose mission is to support sustainability at Pratt Institute. Carolyn has acted as project manager for a number of CSDS Industry and Research projects, coordinates the annual Sustainability Crash Course as part of Pratt’s Green Week event series, and runs the Pratt GiveTake, and art supply reuse program for students. Carolyn leads the Departmental Sustainability Coordinators as well as chairs the Pratt Sustainability Committee. Carolyn also teaches Life Cycle Assessment in the Sustainable Environmental Systems Graduate Program.
At the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator (BF+DA) Carolyn developed resources and provided mentorship to integrate Life Cycle Thinking into the design process including the Sustainable Fashion Roadmap. Her role at the BF+DA was to mentor Venture Fellows around their sustainability mission using her knowledge of Life Cycle Assessment Tools, Sustainable Design Strategies, and Environmental Impacts of various materials.
Carolyn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Engineering (Smith College) and a Master’s degree in Industrial Design (Pratt Institute).