Pratt Integrative Courses, Undergraduate

Joseph Morris, Cam Lorendo
Absorption: Jiawei Fu, Aixuan Li, Christian Harding, Samantha Diaz
Diffusion: Deniz Tokman, Veronica Pantin, Rianna Desai
Reflection: Allison M Piccone, Qi Ren, Zikun Zhu, Lisha A. Phillip

The Acoustic Panels are an exploration of how sound interacts with the built environment and physical materials.  Focused on the theme of wellness, the acoustic panels will reflect, absorb, and diffuse sound waves in order to modify and craft a more pleasant visual-aural experience of a constructed space.  Originally designed as CNC milled prototypes, the work seen here is in each groups’ idealized form. Some are in airports and hospitals, others in gallery spaces, and some as interactive experiences.


Absorptive surface in a gallery installation. Jiawei Fu, Aixuan Li, Christian Harding, Samantha Diaz
Methodologies of sound manipulation
Proposed installation of reflective sound panels. Allison M Piccone, Qi Ren, Zikun Zhu, Lisha A Phillip
Diffusive panels with lighting element. Deniz Tokman, Veronica Pantin, Rianna Desai

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