School of Design, Graduate Interior Design

Student: Aislinn Jefferies
Faculty: Ben Rosenblum

Located in a town where historic colonial homes about contemporary tech offices, an underutilized barn in the center of town offers a unique opportunity for the collaboration of old meets new in the town of Westford, MA. Through circular design strategies a proposal for a bi-weekly market for local rotating vendors suggests a merging of the two distinct characteristics of the town. By modernizing and technologically advancing the exterior systems of the building, the historic character of the interior is retained. Conceptually, the project merges preservation with advancement for the purpose of strengthening a community’s character through sustainable strategies.

The new supports the old: By contemporizing the exterior of the existing barn, a sleek, modern, and updated barn inspired by Studio Bark’s Black Barn invites townspeople into a preserved historic wood interior inspired by Martha’s Vineyard late-season farmers’ markets.


A circular design approach in 6 steps informs the program, planning, and design.


An existing site encompasses a long history of the town and offers the opportunity for informing the town’s future.


A demolition plan and proposed plan demonstrate the interplay of re-use and adaptation. (04) Existing lumber is utilized to provide furnishings while new systems provide services.


Interventions into conventional methods offer circular opportunities in sustainability.

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