School of Design, Graduate Interior Design

Faculty: Jack Travis
Students: Bingxiao Yang, Chaowei Wang, Kats Tamanaha, Li Zhuang, Nella Schools, Soyeon Kwon, Wei Chen, Xinduo Guo, Yuxi Li, Ziying Song

The studio will present a unique opportunity to co-create the vision of a 100,000sf next-generation manufacturing and innovation hub, THE GENERATOR, located
at 215 Moore Street, in partnership with the local community of East Williamsburg / Bushwick, Brooklyn. The proposed project will partake in a broader city-wide
conversation around the equitable development of former industrial areas in conjunction with THE GENERATOR and Sustainable United Neighborhoods (SUN),
a local non-profit based in the Generator that advocates for environmental justice in LMI (low-middle-income) neighborhoods and the creation of pathways to
opportunity in the growing green economy sector.

The area of study will focus on community-based initiatives. Given the complex dynamics of the urban context as well as the intentions of the owners and
stakeholders of project, students will WORK WITH A REAL CLIENT/OWNER to inquire: how might cultural, sustainable and adaptive-use methods and strategies
be considered and implemented for a site in an at-risk community, in transition for those LOCAL residents who have been historically under-served?

Course Introduction

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Chaowei Wang

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