In 2007 Pratt’s president made an institutional commitment to sustainability, which is defined as the consideration for the environmental and social impact of our actions into Pratt programs and life on campus. This commitment has resulted in the integration of sustainable best practices into our studios, changes in our facilities that reduce Pratt’s environmental impact and special programs that have given our students the opportunity to change life on our campus.

This is our 4th year presenting the The Student Leadership in Sustainability award and we will be presenting the award to 2-3 students who have proven to be outstanding leaders in the advancement of sustainability on the Pratt campus and have used sustainable values in their personal work. If you would like to nominate a student, please send the following information to

1. Name of student
2. Email of student
3. Department/ major
4. Brief description of why you are nominating this student.
– A description of the student’s involvement with sustainability and the Pratt Community
– A description of how the student has incorporated sustainability into their academic work

Nominations are due Thurs March 26th at 5pm.
Tetsu Ohara – Sustainability Coalition Coordinator, Debera Johnson – Executive Director of CSDS, and Carolyn Shafer – The Director of CSDS will review the submissions and decide on the winners. The winners will be announced at the Closing Reception of Green Week.

Thanks for your help and I look forward to your nominations.