Kamdyn Moore, Environmental Systems Management Program

Alternative transportation has been one of the City’s leading initiatives, highlighting bike transit as one of the most “environmentally-friendly and space-efficient” ways of traveling around the five boroughs. New York City’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg’s PlaNYC acknowledges and supports opportunities for improving education on the benefits of bicycling, safety issues, increasing necessary bike infrastructure and improving observation of traffic and bicycling laws. As the City, and the world as a whole, looks to change its concept of transportation, Campus Area Biking (CAB) aims to establish Pratt as a leader in the race to change the concept of alternative transportation on a local level.

CAB is a student-generated initiative designed to establish a process and a platform on which student groups and campus Facilities can build and develop a model biking program that functions within the constraints of an urban campus.

Kamdyn Moore, a graduate student within the Urban Environmental Systems Management program, created CAB to utilize community based planning processes to not only asses the needs of Pratt’s cycling population to engage the Institute’s leadership in building a collaborative and sustainable bike-friendly infrastructure on campus. Ms. Moore looks to identify opportunities for creating an optimal cycling community that will include physical infrastructure, community engagement, and education opportunities in an around Pratt.

Campus Area Biking

Campus Area Biking from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo.






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