Partnership in Academic Leadership in Sustainability (PALS) has been selected to show student work at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) from May 18th at 6pm to May 21st at 7pm. Videos, graphics and products will be displayed during NY’s Design Week. The theme of the ICFF booth is Homelessness, Natural Disasters and Climate Change […]

PALS Poster Exhibit

In September 2010, thirty-three academic leaders from 33 independent colleges of Art and Design came together to create a new vision for design education that responds to the complex nature of our world. Each PALS “Fellow” has been appointed by the president of their institution to participate in a collaborative effort to link the resources […]

2013 Postcard Competition

Submit a postcard with a small artwork about Fracking or Sustainability. Display your work Win a prize Open to students, faculty and staff Submit Postcards in specially marked boxes at Green Week events, NYPIRG & Student Activities Offices and the basement Pratt Information Tables. Cards will be hung in the cafeteria hallway display cases. ALL […]

2013 Sustainability Awards

The Center for Sustainable Design Studies is looking for nominations for the 2013 Sustainability Award that will be presented to 3 graduating Pratt students this year. If you would like to nominate a student, please send the following information to 1. Name of student 2. Email of student 3. Department/ major 4. Brief description […]

Second Nature Awards

May 2012-Recipients of the Third Annual Second Nature Climate Leadership Awards were recognized for their efforts during an awards ceremony at the ACUPCC Climate Leadership Summit in Washington, DC on June 21st. This year’s Climate Leadership Awards were created, designed, and fabricated by students from Pratt Institute’s Center for Sustainable Design Studies (CSDS). The awards were created […]

Green Week 2013 – “Balancing Act”

Brooklyn Campus March 22nd – 29th Presented By Pratt Environmental Coalition & Sponsored By CSDS 2013 Green Week Event Schedule ONE DAY SPECIAL EVENT: WORKSHOP: “SUSTAINABILITY CRASH COURSE” Mar 23rd Sat. 9:00am – 5:00pm Engineering Building Contact:   SPECIAL EVENTS: PRATT ENVIRONMENTAL COALITION OPENING RECEPTION Mar 25th Mon. 12:30-2:00pm Higgins Hall Lobby + Pit […]

2013 Sustainability Crash Course

Imagine being able to spend one amazing day immersed in learning about sustainable design—and meeting the people who have pioneered new thinking and practices. On Saturday, March 23, 2013, Pratt’s CSDS presented the third annual Sustainability Crash Course, a day-long series of workshops with a host of experts from Pratt’s sustainable design faculty and elsewhere. The event was a great […]

Prof. Alice Zinnes – "Fracking"

Project Case Study: “Fracking” Alice Zinnes Foundation Department Proffessor Fine Art Painter Alice Zinnes – Fracking from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. Alice Zinnes – Exit Art Panel from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. Overview When Alice Zinnes, fine arts painter and Foundation Department professor at Pratt Institute, learned that hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” was coming to […]