The Meridian District

School of Design, Graduate Interior Design Student: Kaelee HelmsFaculty: Sheryl Kasak Unusual translucent and amorphous forms curate curiosity and distraction. These shapes illuminate light and juxtapose minimal concrete planes. Moments of bizarre shapes are paired with non-conventional and sustainable materials, which help distract the mind of someone who is trying to escape a drug. Constriction […]

Layering the Third Place

School of Architecture, Undergraduate Architecture Students: Ziyu Chen, Owen Spangler Faculty: Reese Campbell This project is oriented within the larger theory surrounding the ideal communal space, namely the “third place.” The third place describes a setting that is neither the “first” (private dwelling) or “second” (workplace) situation, instead of creating a more neutral environment that […]

Don’t Cry Over Spoiled Milk: Interventions to Reduce Milk Waste

School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Sustainable Design Certificate Program Student: Elizabeth Lee Faculty: Danielle Trofe Dairy is one of the most frequently wasted food items, and food waste contributes to significant greenhouse gas emissions. This project identified several intervention points and mechanisms to reduce milk waste throughout the system, including reducing pre and post-consumer […]

The Cool Cape: A Nature-Inspired Wearable Water Bottle That Cools You Down

School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Sustainable Design Certificate Program Student: Elizabeth Lee Faculty: Tetsu Ohara Increasingly frequent heatwaves put many at risk of heat-related illness. In this project, I used the principles of biomimicry to design a low-cost, low-energy intervention to aid with personal cooling. I applied thermoregulation techniques used by animals in the […]

Redefining Recycling: Effortless

School of Art, Design Management Students: Irma Barrera, Gibum You, Saul Marquez – Vitela, Tenzing Chonzom Faculty: Rachel Starobinsky, Yutaka Takiura There is an abundance of research and statistics that remind us of the issues with recycling, however, there is a lack of knowledge regarding programs or resources that allow consumers to actually do something […]

The Phoenix

School of Art, Design Management Students: Jackie Scarangella, Tad Barker, Jimin Hwang, Napasamon Jeeramaneemai Faculty: Rachel Starobinsky, Yutaka Takiura The Phoenix is a toolkit and a platform that provides its users with the means to prepare themselves in the event of a fire. We will provide a toolkit that features a tailored education and awareness […]

2017-2018 Pratt Sustainability Report

During the 2018-2019 academic year, theSustainability Committee (SC) and the Departmental Sustainability Coordinators (DSC) met regularly to complete Pratt’s first AASHE STARS (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System) report. STARS is a voluntary, self-reporting framework for helping colleges and universities track and measure their sustainability progress. In addition to using STARS to help with internal sustainability […]


School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Faculty: Jeffrey Anderson(APP Author), David Erdman, Hart Marlow, Benjamin Aranda, Joaquin Bonifaz, Michael Bell, Alexandra Barker, Gisela Baurmann, Kutan Ayata, Erich Schoenenberger, Jonas Coersmeier, Ariane Lourie Harrison Student: Mor Segal, Wenze Chen, Joseph Colin DaPonte, Alexis Dorko, Jennifer Levy, Mathew Mitchell, Brett Rappaport, Khue Trinh + Alyson Stein, […]

The 15th Annual GreenWeek Faculty & Students Participants

Special Thanks to Professors: Carolyn Shafer, Frank Millero, Leonel Ponce, Eric O’Toole, Ariane Harrison, Jeffrey Anderson, Amanda Blancato, Meta Brunzema Dean Anita Cooney President Frances Bronet School of Architecture Graduate Level: Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment Professor Gita Nandan, Pecha Kucha presenter Professor Thomas Jost, Pecha Kucha presenter Professors Ira Stern, Pecha Kucha presenter […]