Green Week 2013 Student Videos

[youtube id =”o7-0kqgD9VI”] Green Week Video compiled and edited by Caroline Absher, Claire Jardin, Jim Kittel, Terry Lim, Mary Valiant and Jennifer Wang [youtube id =”3_hBChlRoEo”] Green Week Video edited by Kyung Cheol An, Michelle Chen, Miso Hong, Jane Smarovozova, Edith Vaisberg [youtube id =”tj_e1vfKGpw”] Green Week Video edited by Andrew Diemer, Madeline Edgar, Sonya […]

Coastal Crises

A Sustainable Approach to Preserving Community and Designing for the Future.  On Thursday, March 28th the conclusion of Pratt’s Green Week 2013 occurred at The Juliana Curran Terian Design Center Gallery. A panel discussion with introductory remarks by President Tom Shutte proposed thought provoking ideas focusing on architecture and planning. Guest Speakers: Dr. William J. […]


Sophomore First Year students from INT-202 participated in a project called “The Smallest Room”. The premise was for the students to determine what conditions were important in making an inhabitant comfortable through studies in ergonomics mapping how the human body occupied small spaces such as bathrooms, changing rooms, telephone booths.  The studies were informed by Muybridge’s […]


2013 Green Week Exhibition | “Deconstruct/ Reconstruct” “The goal of this assignment was to experience the creation of new 3-Dimensioanl possibilities through the deconstruction and reconstruction of a single vintage garment. The intent of the process was not to repurpose the original pieces, but rather to creatively inform the students through the discovery of new […]


Green Week 2013 – Pratt’s Green Week kicked off with the opening reception of the sustainability winners for best projects within interior design, arch, planning, EMS, fashion and furniture. Each outstanding student won a metro card for the their studio projects. Each student was chosen by a faculty member.

Green Week Architecture Exhibit: Spatial Products for Sustainable Health Care

    “The Memory Collective: Intergenerational Day Center and Independent Living for the Elderly” Student: Liduam Pong   “Fitness Landscapes: The Case for Urban Movement Parks and Circuits” Student: Andrew Harris   “Tool Building: The Long Island City De-Institute for Re-Form and Repair” Student: Matthew Buyer   “The Space Womb Dialysis Center: Questioning Purity” Student: Anne […]

2013 Postcard Competition

Submit a postcard with a small artwork about Fracking or Sustainability. Display your work Win a prize Open to students, faculty and staff Submit Postcards in specially marked boxes at Green Week events, NYPIRG & Student Activities Offices and the basement Pratt Information Tables. Cards will be hung in the cafeteria hallway display cases. ALL […]

Green Week 2013 – “Balancing Act”

Brooklyn Campus March 22nd – 29th Presented By Pratt Environmental Coalition & Sponsored By CSDS 2013 Green Week Event Schedule ONE DAY SPECIAL EVENT: WORKSHOP: “SUSTAINABILITY CRASH COURSE” Mar 23rd Sat. 9:00am – 5:00pm Engineering Building Contact:   SPECIAL EVENTS: PRATT ENVIRONMENTAL COALITION OPENING RECEPTION Mar 25th Mon. 12:30-2:00pm Higgins Hall Lobby + Pit […]

2013 Sustainability Crash Course

Imagine being able to spend one amazing day immersed in learning about sustainable design—and meeting the people who have pioneered new thinking and practices. On Saturday, March 23, 2013, Pratt’s CSDS presented the third annual Sustainability Crash Course, a day-long series of workshops with a host of experts from Pratt’s sustainable design faculty and elsewhere. The event was a great […]