Screenshot of the virtual exhibition set in Higgins Hall.


School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Faculty: Jeffrey Anderson(APP Author), David Erdman, Hart Marlow, Benjamin Aranda, Joaquin Bonifaz, Michael Bell, Alexandra Barker, Gisela Baurmann,…

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This beehouse has humidity and temperature sensors to ensure that the bees are in a hospitable environment.

Smart Hives: Designing for Native Bees

School of Information Faculty: Nancy Smith There are many important solitary bees in New York City who provide pollination across a wide range of plants. The…

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Cooling Partitions

Design for India

School of Design, Industrial Design Students: Molly Ritmiller, Yuxi (Milky) Luo, Naomi Haeger, Eva Oosterlaken, Sveva Michahelles, Yihai (James) Xue Faculty:  Swati Piparsania  In India,…

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Exampple Project by Xinduo Gou

Bushwick Generator Fabricator’s Lab

School of Design, Graduate Interior Design Faculty: Jack Travis Students: Bingxiao Yang, Chaowei Wang, Kats Tamanaha, Li Zhuang, Nella Schools, Soyeon Kwon, Wei Chen, Xinduo Guo, Yuxi…

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Analogous habitat, monitoring station and visitors’ center. A resource for global native pollinator biodiversity conservation.

Pollinators Pavilion: Analogous Habitat and Monitoring System for Native Pollinators

School of Architecture Faculty: Ariane Lourie Harrison  Team: Seth Harrison, Yuxiang Chen (MS Arch ‘18), Mingyu Park (MS Arch ‘19), Zongguan Wang (MS Arch ‘18) The Pollinators Pavilion prototypes an…

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