School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Faculty: Jeffrey Anderson(APP Author), David Erdman, Hart Marlow, Benjamin Aranda, Joaquin Bonifaz, Michael Bell, Alexandra Barker, Gisela Baurmann, Kutan Ayata, Erich Schoenenberger, Jonas Coersmeier, Ariane Lourie Harrison Student: Mor Segal, Wenze Chen, Joseph Colin DaPonte, Alexis Dorko, Jennifer Levy, Mathew Mitchell, Brett Rappaport, Khue Trinh + Alyson Stein, […]

Design for India

School of Design, Industrial Design Students: Molly Ritmiller, Yuxi (Milky) Luo, Naomi Haeger, Eva Oosterlaken, Sveva Michahelles, Yihai (James) Xue Faculty:  Swati Piparsania  In India, excessive heat has been affecting the lives and livelihood of people who depend on public spaces for production zones and habitats. This human condition demands urgent care and a design […]

Bushwick Generator Fabricator’s Lab

School of Design, Graduate Interior Design Faculty: Jack Travis Students: Bingxiao Yang, Chaowei Wang, Kats Tamanaha, Li Zhuang, Nella Schools, Soyeon Kwon, Wei Chen, Xinduo Guo, Yuxi Li, Ziying Song The studio will present a unique opportunity to co-create the vision of a 100,000sf next-generation manufacturing and innovation hub, THE GENERATOR, located at 215 Moore Street, in partnership […]

Pollinators Pavilion: Analogous Habitat and Monitoring System for Native Pollinators

School of Architecture Faculty: Ariane Lourie Harrison  Team: Seth Harrison, Yuxiang Chen (MS Arch ‘18), Mingyu Park (MS Arch ‘19), Zongguan Wang (MS Arch ‘18) The Pollinators Pavilion prototypes an artificially-intelligent analogous habitat for native pollinators: it provides nesting substrates and machine-learning-based monitoring and species identification system for solitary bees, helping to fill the knowledge gap on native pollinators. The […]