Design for Equity

School of Architecture, Graduate Students: Teng Cai Faculty: Meta Brunzema All citizens – families, groups, or cultures – hope for equal opportunities to succeed, and enjoy their lives. However, as we pursue our goals, we often fight over resources and create conflicts. New York City is certainly one of the densest and most abundant cities in the […]

Urban Archipelago

School of Architecture, Graduate Students:  Samantha Lee Chan, Jonathan Hamilton Faculty: Alexandra Barker The aim of this project was to create a sense of approachability and curiosity of less glamorous operations of city living by exploring a condition where waste management infrastructure will coexist with the spaces we utilize. The narrow site located in lower manhattan […]

Urban Qualities and Materiality: Urban Housing

School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture Students: Krati Maurya Faculty: Kutan Ayata A 40-story housing project located in Downtown Brooklyn. This project deals with the amalgamation of different typologies of housing. It further develops the correlation between the interiority and the exteriority of the residential spaces and the public spaces. The aim of the project was […]


School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Students: Khue Trinh, Alyson Stein Faculty: Gisela Baurmann The project is the synthesis of three main programs (natatorium, incinerator, and recycling center), and the integration with the existing UPS facility. This is created with three main intentions: urban context and site accessibility, climatic response in formal language […]

“Castle in the Sky”

School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Students: Khue Trinh Faculty: Meta Brunzema, Eniko Marton CASTLE IN THE SKY – a 1986 Japanese animated film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki offers a new vision of “luxury”, a floating castle! It is built on and around a natural landscape with self-sustaining technology. Inspired by this film, […]

Malama Aina

School of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment Student:  Justin Heu Faculty: Meta Brunzema, Eniko Marton To use the existing affordable housing infrastructure to propose a design that increases the interaction between generated buildings and the built structures on the site. The formal complexity of the proposed idea was set to be aligned […]

Urban Aquaculture + Market

School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture + Urban Design Students: Jennifer Levy Faculty: Alexandra Barker The Urban Aquaculture + Market is a speculative project on the adaptive re-use of the iconic Brooklyn Grain Terminal. This project seeks to redefine space for human and non-human occupants, which is becoming an ever-growing necessity in the current urban environment. […]

Delta Cities Coastal Resilience: Edgemere Beach to Bay

School of Architecture, Undergraduate Students: Arina Melnikova(featured), James Rotondo(featured), Ayse Ozkan, Luciano Sampaio Valente Miranda, Marlena Todd, Nicole Rzadkowska, Won Jin Jang, Zai Shi Faculty: Zehra Kuz Each student selected a site and project brief within the study area, ranging from storm protections and parks along Jamaica Bay, to residential multi-family developments and a technical school. The works of Arina Melnikova and James […]

Acoustic Panels for Sound Manipulation

Pratt Integrative Courses, Undergraduate Faculty:  Joseph Morris, Cam Lorendo Students: Absorption: Jiawei Fu, Aixuan Li, Christian Harding, Samantha Diaz Diffusion: Deniz Tokman, Veronica Pantin, Rianna Desai Reflection: Allison M Piccone, Qi Ren, Zikun Zhu, Lisha A. Phillip The Acoustic Panels are an exploration of how sound interacts with the built environment and physical materials.  Focused on the theme of wellness, the acoustic panels will reflect, absorb, […]


School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Students: Brandon Sanchez, HsienTing Huang, Jose Castaneda Faculty: Alexandra Barker We are interested in analyzing the relationships between light, darkness, water, and earth in relation to the programmatic adjacencies of the natatorium and waste to energy/recycling. To begin the merger of these programs we include a childhood educational facility […]


School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Faculty: Meta Brunzema Faculty: Allison Barker An alternative proposal for an “aging in place community”, so as to improve the conditions of the existing retirement community in the Two Bridges neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. By implementing a heavily-programmed elevated pathway linking new and existing residential developments, the goal of […]