Adaptive Reuse; 1800s Barn | Contemporary Marketplace

School of Design, Graduate Interior Design Student: Aislinn Jefferies Faculty: Ben Rosenblum Located in a town where historic colonial homes about contemporary tech offices, an underutilized barn in the center of town offers a unique opportunity for the collaboration of old meets new in the town of Westford, MA. Through circular design strategies a proposal […]

Tomato’s Home

School of Design, Graduate Interior Design Students: Jiahan Yu, Xiaoke Li, Fanjin Zhao, Jiajie Xu – Design Team Xiaoke Li, Lena Han, Xinduo Guo – Launchpad Team Faculty: Tetsu Ohara, Jennifer Telesca, Carl Zimring, Carolyn Shafer, Danielle Trofe, Frank Millero Tomatoes are a favorite fruit in Africa but are also a waste problem. This is particularly […]


School of Design, Graduate Interior Design Student: Chen Zhongh Faculty: Tetsu Ohara This project proposes an Integrated Wellness Center for patients with anxiety disorders. Anxiety causes irritation, put excessive stress and cause entanglement to patients both physically and mentally. To counter this condition, the Integrated Wellness Center is designed with a circulation flow that relieves […]

Little Green World

School of Design, Graduate Interior Design Students: Fangming Cai, Bingyu Hu Faculty: Sarah K. Lippmann, Thomas Bergeron The project is about a children’s library in Copenhagen, Denmark. You can enjoy the beauty of the huge green space. The design was inspired by a painting of a girl sitting on a grass book. The design aims […]


School of Design, Interior Design Student: Aubrey Ament Faculty: Tetsu Ohara Undulating partitions peel away as the user navigates the space, revealing or concealing light and structure. Meditative moments are accentuated by cracks of light providing inward reflection while daylight washed spaces energize outward focus; ultimately the experience soothes and resolves through light and shape, […]


School of Architecture, Graduate Student: Matthew Mitchell Faculty: Alexandra Barker URB.AG.INC, standing for Urban Agricultural Incubator, is a speculative project on the adaptive re-use of the iconic Brooklyn Grain Terminal. This project seeks to redefine space for human and non-human occupants, which is becoming an ever-growing necessity in the current urban environment. Anamorphic projections were […]

Urban Catalyst

School of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment Students: Valeria Cedillos, Victoria Tsukerman Faculty: Oliver Schaper, Emilija Landsbergis The urban catalyst explores multiple levels of interconnectedness with new and existing objects, aiming towards new forms of community engagement. The desire for density allows the object to grow while preventing itself from becoming relentless. […]