Industrial Design Sophomore Studio

School of Design, Industrial Design Faculty: Hannah Berkin-Harper, Amanda Huynh, Swati Piparsania, Molly Roberts, Willy Schwenzfeier, Kevin Walz This presentation introduces some of the projects and approaches from Fall 2019 semester and how to plan to move forward in bringing sustainability into all parts of the curriculum. As the introductory course for students entering their career […]

Cross Laminated Timber

School of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment Students: Dan Luo, Dehui Gomez, Jason de Guzman, Kushal Durai, Nick Kabbani, Sean Kunrong Li, Shabika Vidhya Sekha, Sunghwan Um   This project is about mass timber construction and its benefits. Cross Laminated Timber is a lighter construction material, both time and cost-efficient, as well as […]

The Waste Tower

School of Architecture, Graduate Students: Zhixian Song, Jiaming Zhang Faculty: Alexandra Barker A 600ft vertical Waste to Energy Center is integrated with additional programs in a dense urban city. Waste is usually seen as imperfect and unwanted particles, this Waste to Energy Center celebrates the verticality of the chimney and the exposed machines. The project activates infrastructure […]

Design for Equity

School of Architecture, Graduate Students: Teng Cai Faculty: Meta Brunzema All citizens – families, groups, or cultures – hope for equal opportunities to succeed, and enjoy their lives. However, as we pursue our goals, we often fight over resources and create conflicts. New York City is certainly one of the densest and most abundant cities in the […]

Urban Archipelago

School of Architecture, Graduate Students:  Samantha Lee Chan, Jonathan Hamilton Faculty: Alexandra Barker The aim of this project was to create a sense of approachability and curiosity of less glamorous operations of city living by exploring a condition where waste management infrastructure will coexist with the spaces we utilize. The narrow site located in lower manhattan […]