MetroWay: Bringing Cradle to Cradle to NYC

MetroWay is a Cradle to Cradle alternative to the current MTA card system, designed by Cody Miller, Daniel Penge, Carla Ramirez, Rebecca Travis, and Bryan Wong. The project received honorable mention in The Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge in partnership with Autodesk. The Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute looks to place materials into endless, closed-loop cycles. These cycles […]

Asli Ozcivelek – Continuing Sustainability

Pratt Institute, Industrial Design graduate Asli Ozcivelek continues to apply her smart and environmentally conscious design thinking into her life after Pratt. As a professional designer, she thinks that the definition of sustainable design is changing and evolving. Sustainability is no longer about just applying biodegradable or recyclable materials onto the products that we design, that […]

The Malinalco Project

In May of this year, 12 Master of Industrial Design (MID) candidates from the Pratt Institute led by Professor Rebecca Welz, had the opportunity to spend two weeks in the town of Malinalco, Mexico, where they collaborated with 13 local artisans to design and fabricate their projects. Each artisan/student pair spent full working days brainstorming, […]

Seamless Handrail

Marland Backus is an industrial design junior in Jeanne Pfordresher’s Medical Design class. I wanted to look into making a safer environment for the elderly and decided to focus on the danger of falling because it’s one of the most common causes of injuries in the home. The Seamless Handrails that I designed are made to have a […]

Spring 2013 Sustainable Production Methods Proposals

The Sustainability and Production: Research Tools and Strategies course taught by Frank Millero explored issues of sustainability and social responsibility in product design with an emphasis on materials and supply chain flows. The importance of the designer’s role in understanding the environmental and social consequences of creating and producing products was emphasized. Studies on the impacts of […]


Partnership in Academic Leadership in Sustainability (PALS) has been selected to show student work at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) from May 18th at 6pm to May 21st at 7pm. Videos, graphics and products will be displayed during NY’s Design Week. The theme of the ICFF booth is Homelessness, Natural Disasters and Climate Change […]

Hawley Braswell – Rural Collective

EXPLANATION OF WORK:  THE RURAL COLLECTIVE This is a design initiative in a rural, impoverished area of Alabama that builds on community programs by pursuing three objectives. First, teach residents basic furniture design skills. Second, produce a variety of affordable tables and chairs for use by the community. Third, sell this furniture at multiple price points through local and […]

3rd + Bond Design Build Project

3rd + Bond Design Build Project from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. Pratt Institute partnered with Hudson Companies to outfit two of its Third + Bond condominium model residences, staged completely with Pratt designs from floor and wall coverings to home accessories, furniture, textiles, art, lighting elements, and wearables. This interdisciplinary collaboration showcases designs by Pratt […]

Guyana Project: Social Entrepreneurship, Cultural Exchange, Prototype Development & Fabrication

Guyana Project from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. A group of 11 Pratt industrial design students led by faculty member Rebecca Welz partnered with Patty Johnson of the North South Project to travel to Georgetown, Guyana. The trip, taken in the summer of 2009, provided an experience that combined research and study of cultures, materials, processes, […]