2013 Green Week Exhibition | “Deconstruct/ Reconstruct” “The goal of this assignment was to experience the creation of new 3-Dimensioanl possibilities through the deconstruction and reconstruction of a single vintage garment. The intent of the process was not to repurpose the original pieces, but rather to creatively inform the students through the discovery of new […]


Green Week 2013 – Pratt’s Green Week kicked off with the opening reception of the sustainability winners for best projects within interior design, arch, planning, EMS, fashion and furniture. Each outstanding student won a metro card for the their studio projects. Each student was chosen by a faculty member.

Green Week Architecture Exhibit: Spatial Products for Sustainable Health Care

    “The Memory Collective: Intergenerational Day Center and Independent Living for the Elderly” Student: Liduam Pong   “Fitness Landscapes: The Case for Urban Movement Parks and Circuits” Student: Andrew Harris   “Tool Building: The Long Island City De-Institute for Re-Form and Repair” Student: Matthew Buyer   “The Space Womb Dialysis Center: Questioning Purity” Student: Anne […]

Damon A. Chaky – Department of Mathematics and Science

Damon A. Chaky is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Science at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He conducts research in the field of environmental chemistry, particularly in the sources, transport, behavior and fate of chemical contaminants. A majority of his work focuses on the greater New York City urban environment […]

William Hilson Professsor, Graduate Communications Design Program

Bill Hilson is an adjunct professor in Pratt Institute’s Graduate Communication Design Department, serving since 1991. He was privileged to serve as Acting Department Chair during the Fall ’05 and Spring ’06 semesters. Originally trained in architecture, Prof. Hillson turned to graphic design and illustration for his professional focus. He has spent most of his […]

Pratt Institute – Interior Design Sustainability Primer

Carol Crawford, a faculty member in the Interior Design Department at Pratt Institute, discusses how Interior Designers can incorporate sustainable practices and materials in design projects. Each chapter focuses on a different chapter of LEED, Leadership in Energy Efficient Design, as it relates to interior design. Chapter 1: Introduction Pratt Institute – Interior Design Sustainability […]

3rd + Bond Design Build Project

3rd + Bond Design Build Project from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. Pratt Institute partnered with Hudson Companies to outfit two of its Third + Bond condominium model residences, staged completely with Pratt designs from floor and wall coverings to home accessories, furniture, textiles, art, lighting elements, and wearables. This interdisciplinary collaboration showcases designs by Pratt […]