Damon A. Chaky – Department of Mathematics and Science

Damon A. Chaky is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Science at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. He conducts research in the field of environmental chemistry, particularly in the sources, transport, behavior and fate of chemical contaminants. A majority of his work focuses on the greater New York City urban environment […]

Eva Hanhardt – Environmental Systems Management Program

Eva Hanhardt Coordinator, Environmental Systems Management Program, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment Eva Hanhardt is Senior Advisor to the Planning Center at the Municipal Arts Society, having previously served as co-director and director of the Planning Center and co-director of the ImagineNY project. The ImagineNY project, which receive an award in 2002 from […]

Karen Stone – Industrial Design

Karen Stone is Director of Design for Knoll, Inc. Responsible for the design of Knoll Showrooms, exhibits and trade shows, Karen has had the additional responsibility for the direction and development of new product collections for Knoll. She is also responsible for bringing sustainable design, new materials and technologies to Knoll product design and establishing […]

William Hilson Professsor, Graduate Communications Design Program

Bill Hilson is an adjunct professor in Pratt Institute’s Graduate Communication Design Department, serving since 1991. He was privileged to serve as Acting Department Chair during the Fall ’05 and Spring ’06 semesters. Originally trained in architecture, Prof. Hillson turned to graphic design and illustration for his professional focus. He has spent most of his […]

Meta Brunzema – River Pool

Project Case Study: River Pool Meta Brunzema Architects Adjunct Assistant Professor Graduate Architecture & Urban Design Meta Brunzema – River Pool from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. Overview “It’s a small thing, really, an odd-looking rainbow-colored circle in the Hudson, 20 feet in diameter, that you can spot from the Metro-North trains rushing by or from […]

Erika Doering Design – Sustainable Interior Renovations

Project Case Study: Sustainable Interior Renovations Erika Doering Design Adjunct Associate Professor Industrial Design Erika Doering – Tour from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. Overview “My clients are my biggest inspiration and resource – their culture, personal treasures and individual style. We work together to preserve what they have while creating new ways of living. Many […]

Prof. Alice Zinnes – "Fracking"

Project Case Study: “Fracking” Alice Zinnes Foundation Department Proffessor Fine Art Painter Alice Zinnes – Fracking from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. Alice Zinnes – Exit Art Panel from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. Overview When Alice Zinnes, fine arts painter and Foundation Department professor at Pratt Institute, learned that hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking,” was coming to […]

Mike Silver – Fiber Placement Technology

Project Case Study: Fiber Placement Technology Mike Silver Mike Silver – Fiber Placement Technology from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. Overview Mike Silver credits the History Channel for his dedication to computer-aided fiber placement technology: while watching a television show on how business jets were made, he caught a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it clip of an enormous robot working […]

Elizabeth Whalley – Sustainable Painting Processes Class

Sustainable Painting Processes Class from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. Project Case Study: Stomata Slides Elizabeth Whalley, Visiting Assistant Professor Overview Stomata: n. (def) The stomata are 3-cell groups on the underside ofleaves which take in carbon dioxide and allow water and free oxygen to escape. They are crucial for controlling carbon dioxide levels in the […]