Sustainable South Bronx

Sustainable South Bronx Project Documentary from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. September, 2009 The Pratt Design Incubator (a division of CSDS) partnered with Sustainable South Bronx (SSBX), a community organization dedicated to Environmental Justice solutions, to design a series of street furniture for the South Bronx Lafayette Avenue Greenway project. This large-scale project aims to sustainably […]

Campus Area Biking

Kamdyn Moore, Environmental Systems Management Program Alternative transportation has been one of the City’s leading initiatives, highlighting bike transit as one of the most “environmentally-friendly and space-efficient” ways of traveling around the five boroughs. New York City’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg’s PlaNYC acknowledges and supports opportunities for improving education on the benefits of bicycling, safety issues, […]

3rd + Bond Design Build Project

3rd + Bond Design Build Project from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. Pratt Institute partnered with Hudson Companies to outfit two of its Third + Bond condominium model residences, staged completely with Pratt designs from floor and wall coverings to home accessories, furniture, textiles, art, lighting elements, and wearables. This interdisciplinary collaboration showcases designs by Pratt […]

LAB on a Chip

Client: Dr. Samuel Sia; School of Biomedical Engineering, Columbia University Project: To design a processor for a high tech HIV testing device for clinical diagnostics in rural areas. Design research team worked in multiple areas in Rwanda with clinic doctors and nurses and brought back key information to the design team which resulted in additional […]

Guyana Project: Social Entrepreneurship, Cultural Exchange, Prototype Development & Fabrication

Guyana Project from Pratt CSDS on Vimeo. A group of 11 Pratt industrial design students led by faculty member Rebecca Welz partnered with Patty Johnson of the North South Project to travel to Georgetown, Guyana. The trip, taken in the summer of 2009, provided an experience that combined research and study of cultures, materials, processes, […]

west elm Sustainable Office Project

In May 2009, the Pratt Design Incubator partnered with the home furnishing company west elm to design and produce a line of sustainable home office furniture. For eight weeks during June and July, a 12 recent graduates, led by Pratt Industrial Design professor Robert Langhorn, went to work. The challenge – to collaboratively design a […]

Karen Stone – Nicaragua Project

Santa Maria de Ostuma Farm, Matagalpa, Nicaragua July 21st, 2011 One of the Pratt IDSA Stu­dent Chapter’s impor­tant objec­tives is to intro­duce stu­dents to ways in which they can become involved and chal­lenged with real world expe­ri­ences and appli­ca­tions. This year our IDSA Stu­dent Chap­ter and Pratt’s Cen­ter for Sus­tain­abil­ity co-sponsored a Research Project and […]