Certificate in Design Entrepreneurship 


Do you dream of turning your idea into a successful business?

This 4-week course created specifically for designers results in a clear strategic plan and business pitch. You’ll outline next steps for your business venture, be it a product, fashion or a social impact business. Take the full certificate or pick and choose your classes a la carte. Sustainable, financial and ethical best practices are integrated throughout.

The Certificate in Design Entrepreneurship program will be offered next in June 2016 through the Pratt Center for Continuing and Professional Studies. Pratt students and alumni receive a 10% discount on individual classes. REGISTRATION BEGINS ON APRIL 4, 2016 find more information and links to registration here. 

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  1. San Chapman
    San Chapman February 29, 2016 at 11:36 pm ·

    Please keep me posted about the Certificate in Design Entrepreneurship program.

    Thank You,


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