CoRR / global green

CoRR / global green

On July 14th 2009, the Pratt Design Incubator held a “Design Jam,” partnering with CoRR/Global Global to develop a strategic communication plan for their upcoming pilot stores to recycle paper cups.

CoRR/Global Green is developing a program to recycle paper cups, along with the already existing corrugated cardboard recycling stream. According to CoRR/Global Green every year around 58 billion paper cups are consumed in the US. Starting in late August, Starbucks ran a pilot program in a series of location in Manhattan to test the feasibility of collecting and recycling cups.

The objective of the “Design Jam” was to create a strategic plan for the design of signage, signage location opportunities, bin design, bin placement and the evaluation of consumer and staff experience during the pilot.  The ‘Design Jam’ started with a presentation by Global Green to understand the challenges of the location and consumers. Afterward the designers worked in groups and presented possible solutions to get the best consumer participation. After the ‘Design Jam,’ a small group of designer created a communication strategic package highlighting the areas for best consumer awareness.

Following the ‘Design Jam’ the pilots went into place in Starbucks throughout Manhattan. To understand the successfulness of the program interns from CSDS are observing the behaviors of the customers and helping to suggestion how to make improvement for the next pilots.

Incubator Design Team
Estia Zafeiraki
Sudhir Bhatia
Scot Spratford
Howard Alan
Kevin O’Leary
George Estrich
Kristina Drury
Carolynn Schaeberle
Jonathan Cedar
Toby Daniels
Kenzan Tsutakawa‐Chinn
Emily Potter
Alison Jones
Jordann Sky
Kevin McElroy
Evan Dewhirst
Cyril Blank
Josh Newman
Diane Ruengsorn

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