School of Design, Industrial Design

Students: Molly Ritmiller, Yuxi (Milky) Luo, Naomi Haeger, Eva Oosterlaken, Sveva Michahelles, Yihai (James) Xue
Faculty:  Swati Piparsania

 In India, excessive heat has been affecting the lives and livelihood of people who depend on public spaces for production zones and habitats. This human condition demands urgent care and a design intervention towards sustainable solutions. In this project, students will approach design from distance to understand new ways of contextualizing global problems by focusing on India as its site.

These are selected work of six students from the class. They have developed their projects with a deep understanding of the context in India and deal with raising health and heat issues due to global climate change.

Cooling Helmet Insert


Communal Cooling


Cooling Partitions


Cart Harness


Ice Cooler


Cooling Seat