Design It, Build It, Exhibit It – New Student Orientation Activity

Design It, Build It, Exhibit It – New Student Orientation Activity

August 26, 2009

As part of the new student orientation week, students participated in an engaging event called “Design It, Build It, Exhibit It” on August 26, 2009. The main objective of this even was to allow students to have fun by creating a physical sculpture with a group of students during a 2-3 hour work session. The emphasis of the project was to demonstrate the importance in effective teamwork and to integrate sustainability into the art piece.

The event kicked-off in Memorial Hall with a screening of the 1978 film, “Running Fence”, a documentary depicting the long struggle by the artists, 
Christo and Jeanne-Claude, to build a 24 mile fence of 
white fabric over the hills of California disappearing into 
the Pacific.

After a brief lunch break, students reconvened on the lawn in front of the engineering building to create their own installation. Students broke into 4 teams, each led by a member of the Pratt staff. The team leads included Tetsu Ohara from the Interior Design department, Cathey Billian from Foundations, Diana Puntar from Sculture, and Carolyn Schaeberle from the Center of Sustainable Design Studies.

Using reclaimed materials from Materials for the Arts, each team worked together to construct a component of a large installation. The resulting creation twisted and turned along the length of the lawn. The theme of the piece was “Balancing Act”. As a successful designer/artist of the future, the students discussed the need to not only have a talent and rigor but also an awareness of our impact on future generations.

build it 6

build it 5

build it4

build it3

build it1

build it2