From kitchen table to full time production, entrepreneurship requires endurance, passion and some key business skills. On Monday, May 20th, Brooklyn entrepreneurs Tiffany Burnette from Design Hype, and Kristina Drury from Tythe Design hosted a 1 1/2 hour interactive workshop that covered the basic business fundamentals and critical tactics tor surviving entrepreneurship.

During the workshop, the Certificate in Design Entrepreneurship (CDE) program was introducted to attendees who were highly interested in starting up a company and  wanted to know the truth behind how to successfully achieve that goal.

A maximum number of 10 people attended the event during which there was a table discussion with questions interspersed and a walk through presentation along with an introduction of the CDE program.

In addition, the entrepreneurs talked about how the Incubator was started, their experience in the Incubator and how the program is designed to work along with its goals.

They then discussed the 10 steps in designing yourself like an entrepreneur and let the audience know that they could tweet them during the workshop @prattincubator.

There were two types of people at the event: consultants/freelancers and people wanting to start a brand. Tiffany Burnette spoke about the product side of designing and Kristina Drury spoke about the consulting side.

The audience was very interested in details, especially the financial truths of being an entrepreneur and ask questions such as:

Which inventory software do you use to track sales?
How do you do financial planning if you are a consultant?
Can you change your pricing?
How do you find your network if you don’t like networking?
How do you build your consulting community?
How do you accept payments online and what is the entire process when someone places an order?
How will the course be different from this workshop?
How does the certificate work? Can you take all the classes or can we take just one?
How do you learn to price a product?
How do you set up a business if you are not American?

This event was a part of the Certificate in Design Entrepreneurship program offered by the Pratt Design Incubator beginning June 3. For more information visit or contact