School of Architecture, Graduate Architecture and Urban Design

Student: Benjamin Smithers
Faculty: Kutan Ayata , Alex Tahinos

This residential high-rise in Downtown Brooklyn subverts expectations of its building type. On approaching and entering, its simple profile dissolves away to reveal diverse spatial and programmatic conditions within. Its steely exterior reveals surprising and individually unique livable spaces.

Throughout the vertical extent of the building private residences are interspersed with a range of spaces intended for a mix of commercial and leisure use. The tower inverts the norm by developing its porosity from far to near, bottom to top and from perimeter to center.


On approaching the building and looking up, its profile begins to break up, hinting and the dissolving space within.
Within a semi-regular template in plan, each apartment is uniquely designed to maximise variation and dissolve the preconception that residential towers must be generic.

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