School of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment

Students: Alexandra Belyaev, Simon Betsalel, Michael Klunder, Alice Krieg, Eve Lettau, Carolyn Levine, Ariella Levitch, Juliette Liautaud
Lida Albajar, David Burney, Nidhi Gulati

Placemaking is a grassroots design approach that uses extensive community engagement. We hope to create public spaces reflecting community\ values, needs, and dreams by recognizing the value of local knowledge. Pratt Placemaking students were invited by RISE Rockaway to study public space in their neighborhood. Urban Placemaking and Management students connected with the Edgemere community as they collected qualitative and quantitative information to create recommendations for implementable change.


The study area was broken down into specific zones that were seen as areas of interest where general infrastructure improvements could most benefit the community. The study area required a variety of improvements to the streetscape while also providing an opportunity to create spaces that support community activities.


Students surveyed current public spaces, community facilities, and other assets, to better understand the programming needs for nearby vacant sites.


Students visually documented spaces at and around the Beach 60th stop of the elevated A train, including city-owned vacant lots and the Underway.


Community engagement included preference boards, intercept surveys, PLACE IT! modeling workshops, focus groups, varying depending on audience and intent.


The project focuses on community values and identity, built environment amenities, access and transit, nature and resiliency, programming, and local economy.

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