The PATTERNS IN TECHNOLOGY collection is about creating a narrative centered on technological products in our present and recent past. As consumers we are often preoccupied with the newest and most advanced gadget. Additionally, many electronics are made to have a very short life span. With the rapid change in technology products ubiquitous just a decade ago or less may be quickly forgotten in the coming years. These technological products, an important part of our culture, are tied to specific periods, serve as markers of passing time, and are reminders of the transient nature of material objects and our sometimes obsessive consumer behavior. With this collection of textiles my goal was to draw attention to and catalogue some of these fleeting objects in a way that transforms and eternalizes them while creating a new product that transcends the original intent of the illustrated objects.

Heidy Garay is a designer based out of Brooklyn NY. She holds a BFA with a concentration in Illustration and recently graduated from Pratt’s MID program. She has worked as a rug designer for the past 7 years and has now expanded her knowledge and skill base to include industrial design. In her work she is interested in incorporating new technologies and processes with traditional and time-honored methods of making.

Master of Industrial Design Thesis