Sophomore First Year students from INT-202 participated in a project called “The Smallest Room”. The premise was for the students to determine what conditions were important in making an inhabitant comfortable through studies in ergonomics mapping how the human body occupied small spaces such as bathrooms, changing rooms, telephone booths.  The studies were informed by Muybridge’s work.  The students were asked to consider what the minimum spatial requirements would be, and to invent a program for the space.  Such a space might be deployed in a homeless or temporary shelter to have a moment of peace and quiet among many, or to take a break from studio during a stressful time before a review.  The students also screened two films, Wasteland, Vik Muniz and Urbanized, Gary Hustwit.   The material used is recycled offset printing plates that were donated by SandyAlexander a local printer and one of the projects used wool felt recycled from a previous  4th year studio!  They were supposed to be as efficient with material as possible, and were very successful.

Mar 25th -29th: all day
Pratt Studio 2nd flr & Terrian Design Gallery






Claudia Hernandez-Feiks Studio: [the 1st image]Woo Chul Chung
Chul Woo Han
Hyun Joo Kim
Song Lee Kwon
Sa Rang Lee
Sophia Mejia
Ada Mitchev
Wen Qing Peng
Young Hae Shin
Dongwoo Suk
Camille Martin Studio: [the 2nd and 3rd image]
Tracy Ding
Emir Dogan
Gamze Karacasulu
Kristie Lee
Nuri Park
Agnes Pletnia
Bank Samritpricha
Hyeyoung So
Austin Wagner
Becca Wong
Yuxuan Zheng
Sheryl Kasak Studio: [the 4th and 5th image]
Patrick Clarkson
Alex Diaz
Carolyn Green
Haley Haugland
Aya Inaba
Minjoo Kim
Stella Lee
Suknam Kim
Jessica Rowe
Jennifer Tsai
Cody Youngblood