School of Design, Interior Design

Students: Ziying Song, Rundan Zhan
Faculty: Robert Nassar, June Park

The Memorial Jewelry Store is to design a Jewelry Store by using an exhibition style. The concept is about memories, using pastel colors in the overall design to create a neat but classy
atmosphere. Compare with the traditional showing counter. The glass boxes are the main idea to present jewelry. This project also relates to daylight control. Retaining large glass curtain wall
of Farnsworth Houses, and not having a mass partition around the wall, maximize the daylight into the interior space to reduce the usage of electricity. One of the main materials for the project is stone, not only the stone represent the concept of memories, but also it is a natural product of the Earth, the original green building material.

The glass boxes is the main idea to present jewelry. These boxes are like an art work by using
different materials and ways to light. The lighting system is integrated to architecture itself. The
material, exhibit box, lighting and, architecture combined together.
The basic concept sketch about the store.


The night view for VIP area, using the materials and lighting to give the space warmer feeling.