Nov 14, 2013 – CSDS Intern Dan Penge (Industrial Design UG) and his collaborator Cody Miller (ID UG) participated in The Student Government Association’s (SGA) MAKE SPACE WORK Charrette. A Charrette is an idea based competition that happens within a short period of time. SGA invited all current students to submit creative ideas for their vision for an ideal workspace. This comes at a crucial time as Pratt is in the final stage of its master planning that calls for the consolidation and reorganization of many studios. How could you maximize and reinvent the space you currently work in? If you don’t want to re-conceptualize an entire space, one could think about components that would aid the working process: storage solutions, information graphics, devices, organizational systems or anything that would benefit the process of creating. Students were encouraged to form cross-disciplinary groups with students from other majors.  The submissions when on display in the Student Union on Nov. 12,2013 where the awards were presented.

Penge and Millere sought to grant students the opportunity of designating their own location of study, but also provide off-campus alternatives to initiate the immersion of scholar into city. By decentralizing Pratt’s student body they hoped to broaden academic pursuits through personal and interdependent experiences. Their goal was to implement sustainable methodologies and incentivize curricular studies in an engaging, natural environment. Through collaborative efforts students develop skills from intimate group experiments, all the meanwhile, furthering the Pratt mission of educating creative individuals to become responsible contributors to society.

All material samples and research were conducted using CSDS resources (including some of the sustainable design strategies).