Hi All,


Thank you to those who were able to attend! Here are the meeting minutes from October 8, 2013:


Next Meeting: THURSDAY, November 14 from 12:30-2:00pm ( location TBD)

Video conference available. Please contact Miranda (mjanepearce@gmail.com) by November 12.



+ From Rebecca Welz: Biomimicry Field Work Trip for prospective students in Costa Rica January 5th -12th. Contact Rebecca rwelz@pratt.edu for more information.

+ From Kateri Turner: Kim Fraczek from Occupy the Pipeline, hopefully Alice Zinnes and a student will be speaker at an event on campus that we are sponsoring on Oct 24th as a speak out against fracking/pipelines. We are waiting for space confirmation and will keep you updated!

+ From Nina Zilka: Pratt Design Incubator to host our holiday gathering in December (dates/time tbd)

+ From Jacqueline Morris: keep your eye out for an email regarding alumni involvement! Please forward any alumni contact who are involved with sustainable integration in their practice to jmorri24@pratt.edu.



Ancient Line to Modern Design: New exhibit at Pratt’s Brooklyn Library curated by Professors Paul Dambowic and Ivan Shumkov. Opening today!

PALS: Partnership for Academic Leadership in Sustainability

+ Carolyn Schaeberle of CSDS presented the summary of the PALS conference in LA. (visit: sustainablepals.com)


DEVELOPING IDEAS FOR GREENWEEK 2014 “Collective Convergence”:

Students + Alumni + Faculty + Staff + Community + Facilities

+Involving new students: Offer yoga/meditation class this fall to reach out to students early [contact: Joelle Danant of CCPS: jdanant@pratt.edu]

+Bringing Pratt Manhattan and Continuing Education students to Brooklyn Campus [Contact: Joelle Danant]

+RAMP: Recovery Adaptation Mitigation + Planning [Brent Porter/Jamie Stein]

+Facilities: Campus Master Plan sharing focusing on sustainable concerns[contact: Keith Lindberg or Facilities Planning + Design: klindber@pratt.edu]

+Library: sustainable- related book exhibit [contact: Maggie Portis, Art + Arch Librarian]

+PALS: Poster Exhibit [Contact: Carolyn Schaeberle]


ALL: Start brainstorming what presence you intend to have during Greenweek and submit a small summary of what you would like to do!