Here are the meeting minutes from November 13, 2014.  Thank you, to those who were able to attend!


2015 Greenweek 03.28.15 – 04.05.15 

“Mitigation, Adaptation, Resiliency”


 1.  Holiday Gathering:  Radegast Hall on Dec 13th Sat 7pm-  (RSVP)


2.  Next Meeting:  Jan 29th 12:30 – 2pm Terian Gallery                       (Events List Final!)

3.  If you want to be added to the active coalition (which means you      attend these meetings!)
       please email nminott@pratt.edu with a bio and picture.                http://csds.pratt.edu/coalition-members/

4.  2015 Green Week Event Matrix:
  • Brent is going to use the Pitt in Higgins Hall for Display
  • Jaime (SES) will use the space in Higgins Hall lobby behind the security desk (Rotterdam + Pratt Partnership display)

                  a.  Infratecture, Peter, Lecturer, when? (Jaime)

  • Meta?
  • Alexia (Dept of Jewelry Design) will contemplate
  • Interior Design:  Smallest room (Sheryl), lounge (Deb), qualifying (Tetsu), zombie chair (John), senior (Sarah), junior (Keenah). Color/materials (Myonggi)
  • Industrial Design:  Scott + Frank physical display and own reception 3rd flr Pratt Studio + participation in the Terrian Gallery
  • Exhibition Design Intensive (Natalie):  “Beacon of light” coordination with Cathey.
  • Alice: Hallway, Downstairs main building, cases reserved
  • Carl (sustainability minor coordinator):  question/answer session one time, plus  Powerpoint/video of class experiences installation
  • Carolyn:  Crash Course, started on planning, on March 28th Saturday
            Note: Greenweek Campus event map available for distribution during?
  • Joelle:  meditation (continuing professional studies)
  • 16mm film collection, short films from 60s/70s about cars/traffic

  • Joan Byron (sp?) speak at this event?
  • Lunchtime, earlier in the week, serve the lunch
  • Display of books on sustainability.
  • Sculpture of slide collection?  Competition by students sculpture?
Materials Library:  Alina:
  • Event during Green Week:  Maybe a LEED credential info session.  “Demystify LEED Credentials”  Info session, also for Crash Course?
Turn up Art:  Gunner:
  • Maybe pratt design incubator open during green week?  Exhibition?
NYPIRG:  Rose:
  • free store (every day of green week, barter), talk to turn up art, do it this year again, need student union for rain space.
Envirolutions:  Selim:
  • engage student body on recycling, scraps, helmets.  Work with NYPIRG for free store.  One lunch session. Student union?
CCPD: Brynna:
  • event through career center CCPD, 30 person workshop.  Career development focus, Alum network, Tetsu happy to help.  (coordination with Jackie Morris?)
LEAP/ Green Fellow:
  • Highlight of Green Roof + Green Lot:  Sewer in a suitcase:  have an event during green week, with a booth outside, man the booth?

5.  E-Waste event (12/6/14):  drop off spot myrtle +waverly.  Any electronics.  Taken to Yonkers, parts disassembled, put on market for reuse

6.  Facilities collects Light Bulbs, Batteries  Contact ehs@pratt.edu for pick-up
7.  Next Steering Committee meeting: Dec 12th
  • Steering Committee:  make an infographic of sustainability history at Pratt.  Family tree/history table style.  We want it to be ready for Green Week 2015
  • Jaime.  Presidential Climate Challenge Initiative, signing up for this?