Here are the meeting minutes from January 23.  Thank you, to those who were able to attend!


Please see “2014 GW Master 1_30” for event descriptions. Anything that is highlighted needs to be corrected/clarified ASAP.  Email corrections to mpearce5@pratt.edu.


Next Meeting: Thurs., Feb. 13- 12:30-2:00pm Location: Pratt Studio Terrain Gallery




Volunteer Message Board + Active Event List: csds.pratt.edu

Please visit: http://csds.pratt.edu/category/green-week/green-week-2014-preparation/

+ Most recent version of the Event List

+ Volunteer board where you can post requests for volunteers at Green Week events


Sustainability Crash Course: March 29th Sat. 9am-5pm / Free Admission / Open to Public

+ Still looking for presenters! If you, or anyone you know is interested, please email:

Carolyn Schaeberle: csds.pratt.edu

+ Registration via Eventbrite will be on the homepage of site: csds.pratt.edu

+ Looking for students to volunteer at the event, if available, email csds@pratt.edu


Green Week Postcard Competition:

Theme: Collective Convergence +/or To Frack or Go Green

+Everyone attending/working at/teaching at Pratt is encouraged to participate by submitting entries and voting.  To vote, email Alice Zinnes. Please spread the word!

Contact: azinnes@pratt.edu


Main Building Basement Display Cases: reserved for use March 7 – April 4

+If you would like to use, send request with: how they will be used (content + description of your visual) and number of cases desired by Feb. 14 to azinnes@pratt.edu

+Content will be needed by March 6

*Also applies to those who requested during Thursday’s meeting


Eat Your Design Competition:

+Registration Open: http://eatyourdesign.com/

Contact: crietzke@pratt.edu