Asli Ozcivelek is a 3rd year graduate student in Bruce Hannah’s Thesis class.

Circumstancia is about looking at products within the context of their circumstances. As a result, it aims to try to adapt them to their environment just like species adapt to theirs in nature. It tries to produce better suited products that not only accommodate the requirements derived from the circumstances that they exist in, but also provide an insight to the user about the context that they are being used in. It does this by looking at the evolution and the progression of products and seeing how and where new products are needed. These products are suggested solutions to problems that are defined by the circumstances of today. Their aim is to be a part of this interconnected and continuous progression that we call evolution.

Adaptation Bar Stool 1 The Adaptation Bar Stool

The Adaptation Bar Stool is a bar stool that provides safe and easily accessible storage space for your coats and other belongings like clutches and purses at bars. It has newly incorporated features in order to provide for these. It achieves this without being an alien product but by maintaining a familiarity with the way current stools look like and evolving to become the next generation of a product that doesn’t seem to be sufficiently adapted to its current environment. Transforma, is a transforming packaging that initially stores a t-shirt. After the user purchases the t-shirt, it transforms into a hanger to be used with the t-shirt. It is made from a moulded paper pulp. While it provides a sufficiently strong and durable product, it also makes use of recycled material and is very affordable. Lastly, Henry is a bioluminescent light designed for emergency situations. Electricity is the first thing that we loose in an emergency situation. So Henry houses bioluminescent bacteria that are found in the oceans. They photosynthesize in order to acquire their energy and they emit light as a result of a chemical reaction. Henry functions as a cold torch that people can carry around in an emergency situation in order to produce their own light from a living organism.

Transforma: Paper pulp packaging/t-shirt hanger
Transforma: Paper pulp packaging/t-shirt hanger
henry5 Henry: Bioluminescent Emergency Light

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