School of Architecture, Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment

Student: Samuel Pressman
Leonel Lima Ponce, Ira Stern, Ray Figueroa (advisor), Paul Mainkiewicz (advisor)

This project explores the economic value of Community Gardens on NYC-owned land in relation to Ecosystem Services and city costs for managing the same services—e.g., pollution reduction, water filtration. About ten acres of Community Garden land (10%) were analyzed in order to generate baseline metrics and indicators.


A framework for an open-source ES valuation database for CGs with existing garden layouts, this platform is structured as a scientific, educational resource that caters to students, advocates, and policy-makers.


Optimal Forest Garden Design Layout
Ecosystem Services 101
Digital Platform Intro & Function
Community Gardens For The People, Rallying for Community Gardens & Grassroots Organizing at City Hall

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