Sam Bruckman is a junior industrial design major in Ignacio Urbino Polo’s Design Studio Science and Technology class.

In this project I intended to create a three dimensional illustration of fish biology, evolution and anatomy. I am fascinated by the close relationship between the shapes of animals and how they interact with their environment. My goal was to create a model that facilitates a basic understanding of this relationship through a simple yet engaging interaction.


There are many aspects of fish anatomy that are related to the environment in which the fish lives however, for my final prototype, I decided to focus on the overall shape of the fish’s body. The other aspects of fish anatomy would be addressed by a hypothetical set of similar models. I constructed a model that would allow the user to change the shape of a three dimensional fish from short to elongated by pulling a lever. The distinction between short and elongated fish is significant because shorter rounder fish are more common is shallow water or reefs whereas more elongated and streamlined fish are more common in open water. Short round fish are common in reefs because their short bodies allow them to make quick turns as well as make them more likely to blend in with rocks or coral. Open water fish tend to be more streamlined because they must be able to swim at high speeds over long distances to avoid predators or find food.


Below: concept and science posters. Click for full view.
concept poster science poster