NYDesigns + Pratt Institute

NYDesigns + Pratt Institute

On Sunday May 19th, NYDesigns + Pratt Institute presented a panel that highlighted distinctive design and production collaborations between manufacturers and designers in New York City, during WantedDesign. The discussion unpacked the relationship between the two groups and explore the evolution and potential for local concept development, prototype and production.

The panelists included Stephen Giumenta, co-owner of Architectural Grille ,lighting designer Kenneth Nilson and was moderated by Debera Johnson, Executive Director of Pratt Center for Sustainable Design Studies (CSDS).

There were two critical points made:

1. It it is important to build a solid relationship between the manufacturer and the designer.

2.There needs to be more support from NYC to promote manufacturing as it is becoming more expensive to keep these jobs in the city and the industrial zones are shifting to residential neighborhoods.