School of Architecture

Faculty: Ariane Lourie Harrison 
Team: Seth HarrisonYuxiang Chen (MS Arch ‘18), Mingyu Park (MS Arch ‘19), Zongguan Wang (MS Arch ‘18)

The Pollinators Pavilion prototypes an artificially-intelligent analogous habitat for native pollinators: it provides nesting substrates and machine-learning-based monitoring and species identification system for solitary bees, helping to fill the knowledge gap on native pollinators. The Pollinators Pavilion is located at Old Mud Creek Farm, in Hudson NY, working with Hudson Carbon, an open-source research collaborative that quantifies the effects of regenerative agriculture on soil carbon sequestration.

Analogous habitat, monitoring station and visitors’ center. A resource for global native pollinator biodiversity conservation.


Interiors views prior to installation of nesting substrates
Visitors’ experience
Exploded axonometric and machine-learning system
Panels with nesting substrates, camera, sensors and processor
Roof view and landscape strategy

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