Pratt Pop-up! 2011

Pratt Pop-up! 2011

Pratt Pop-up! opens in DeKalb Market.

As part of the vibrant open air market that is now a destination location in downtown Brooklyn, the Pratt Pop-up! shop offers Pratt faculty, students and alumni a place to show off and sell their work.

The space was designed and fabricated by Pratt professor Robert Langhorn, and Casey Daurio, Ashley Landon, Frances Ranno all students from the Industrial Design program at Pratt. “We wanted to transform slatwall, the mundane store display material, into an architectural element,” said Langhorn.

“Serious attention was paid to every detail and the small space has been executed brilliantly by the team.” The space is designed to change quickly, no paint and no tools but a series of brackets, shelves and fixtures that hook into the walls and ceiling to hang work and descriptive labels.

Currently products from the Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation are on display- and for sale. Featured products are Alder’s silk scarf that combines silhouettes of antlers over a backgound image of OSB (Oriented Strand Board), reMade USA’s buttery leather bag made from a 2nd hand leather jacket and Dargelos’ reflective biking vest that resembles fishnet. Other products on display are from incubator companies , Domestic-Aesthetic, Designing Hope, Holstee, Rubina and Eko-Lab. “The opportunity goes beyond sales,” says Deb Johnson the Incubator’s director. The Pratt Pop-up! is a great opportunity that ranges from experiencing running a gallery/retail space, to getting consumer feedback from a potential customer, to putting up a thesis project and conducting research.

Future plans are to produce a series of Pop-up! products and to continue to display interesting work by the Pratt community. For more information and to apply for a week in the Pratt Pop-up! shop contact Jeannie Dyso in the Provost’s office at

Learn more about the incubator program for design entrepreneurship at

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