Pratt Quest – New Student Orientation

Pratt Quest – New Student Orientation

August 25, 2009

Pratt Quest is an activity designed for new students during orientation that serves to familiarize these new students with departments and services available across campus. Students who participate in Pratt Quest have a “map” of empty spaces reserved for stamps given upon reaching the department listed. It is up to the department what the students need to do to earn their stamps. A total of 19 locations were represented on this year’s Pratt Quest “map,” including the major campus departments of Residential Life, Health & Counseling, Registrar, International Affairs, Bursar, Athletics, Career Services, Financial Aid, Student Affairs, and CSDS. In order to encourage participation, completed Pratt Quest maps are eligible for a raffle for a number of highly coveted prizes, ranging from ipods and laptops to a semester of free housing.

This year was the second year that CSDS was part of Pratt Quest. As participating students approached the Engineering building on their way to CSDS, they passed by an exhibit created by the CSDS Interns for Change. The exhibit featured information about living more sustainably at Pratt. Visual representations displayed how much water can be saved by turning the faucet off when brushing teeth, where the food that you buy actually travels from, less toxic alternatives to many commonly used art supplies, the comparison of NYC tap water to bottled water, and how to save energy by switching to a compact florescent light bulb. Additionally, 15 trees around campus were marked with a tag indicating how reducing paper consumption can save trees. Once students arrived in CSDS, they were oriented with the Research Center, the Materials Library and the other resources provided by the Intern for Change.

If you did not participate in Pratt Quest and have not yet visited CSDS, we welcome you to stop by and chat with some of our Interns for Change!
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