The Sustainability and Production: Research Tools and Strategies course taught by Frank Millero explored issues of sustainability and social responsibility in product design with an emphasis on materials and supply chain flows. The importance of the designer’s role in understanding the environmental and social consequences of creating and producing products was emphasized. Studies on the impacts of production and consumption was covered through readings, class discussions, and lecture materials. Student’s critical, analytical, and research skills was developed by evaluating the environmental impacts of various materials and processes. Coupled with an advanced academic rigor and contemporary dialogue, these evaluations were used to create baseline models; their findings were used for students to develop and submit alternative concepts that reduced environmental impacts of products.

Students’ Proposals and Case Studies
Maybelline “Ultra-Liner” Liquid Waterproof Eyeliner
Screwdriver Set
Kipling Honeybee Backpack
The Frye Carson Oxford
Bic Ballpoint Pen
Wilson’s Golf Club
Palm Basket