Thank you for those who were able to attend!

Holiday Party at the Design Incubator in the Brooklyn Navy Yard 

Date: Thursday, December 12 (6-9pm) 


+ Undergraduate Sustainability Minor (contact Carl Zimring:

If you are interested in, or have any questions regarding the undergraduate sustainability minor contact Carl.

+ Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator: (contact Keith Lindberg:

Recent ribbon cutting at the BF+DA, a studio space with production facilities to help designers go beyond producing by hand to the small scale manufacturing of garments. See links below:

If you are interested in this process during build out, contact Keith of Pratt Facilities


+ CSDS Display of Student Work on website: (contact Carolyn Schaeberle: )

Carolyn is looking for student work (with sustainable theme) to feature on the website. If you know of work that should be featured, please contact her

+ Alumni Connection: (contact Jacquelyn Morris at

Jacquelyn Morris is compiling a list of alumni who are interested in sustainability for their continued involvement. Looking to have an alumni presence at greenweek and to display alumni work on the CSDS website. Please send info to her!

+ Brief Bio from Active Sust. Coalition Members: (contact Miranda Pearce

It is time to update the list of members as we move to the CSDS website. Here is a link to the current member list:

However, we would like to expand a bit more. Please submit the following to Miranda.

+ 3 sentences about who you are, relevance to sustainability

+ Photo of yourself (you can send a link if one exists online)

+ Website (if relevant)

+ Damascus Citizens for Sustainability: (contact Alice Zinnes

Needs Help with Website on Sustainability:

The anti-fracking organization, Damascus Citizens for Sustainability (, would like to include on its website information and links about sustainable solutions for laymen. Please contact Alice Zinnes at Alice with any information you’d like to post, or if you know anyone who might be interested in helping to compile this list. Currently DCS would like to add information about home-efficiency upgrades and renovations, as well as professionals and students who might help homeowners living in NYC, northeastern PA and NY’s southern tier. Any additional category ideas are more than welcome.

2014 GREENWEEK “Collective Convergence” IDEAS IN THE WORKS: 

Dates: Saturday, March 29- April 4, 2014 

+ CSDS CRASHCOURSE: (contact Carolyn Schaeberle:

Date: Saturday, March 29, 2014 

+ General theme: Entrepreneurship – Any interest of participating in the event, inviting lecturer, requesting info, please contact CSDS.

+ Eat Your Design Competition: (See attached PDF) (contact Christian Rietzke at

+ Open to Pratt undergrad. and grad. students to promote the knowledge & understanding of systemic biomimicry.

+ Installation to be in the Pratt Studios elevator lobby/café seating area.

+ Yoga + Meditation Workshop: (contact: Rosie: / Joëlle:

+ 1 hour yoga + 20 minute meditation with Rosie DePasquale and Joëlle Danant, both of CCPS

+ Postcard Competition: (contact: Alice Zinnes:

+ Postcard Competition – Looking for Ideas:

The now-annual Green Week campus-wide postcard competition is searching for ideas about how to do expand its reach. Though open to all students, faculty and staff, in the past only a few classes and clubs have participated. Currently, illustrated postcards related to sustainability and fracking are exhibited in the basement showcases leading to the cafeteria. Prizes such as Metro Cards, and gift certificates to the local bike shop, etc. are given out, with our coalition comprising the judges. One suggestion mentioned at our last meeting is for the winners’ artwork to be showcased somewhere more publically, but where? Could we publish a little pamphlet? Post the winners on the CSDS website?

+ NYPERG: (contact Kateri Turner:

+ Determining what presence they will have based on political changes in the new year- possibility of organizing students for a lobby.

+ Movie showing: Josh Fox’s Gasland 2

+ Free Store/ Swap Shop (possible collaboration with Envirolutions)

+ Pratt Library: (contact Johanna Bauman: & Maggie Portis:

+ Highlight electronic resources with sustainable features

+ Sustainability themed book display – contact Maggie.

+ 16mm film viewing: “What it was to be green in the 60s”

Brownbag lunchtime screening for aprox. 20 people

Talk about the nature and preservation of the collection

+ Design Competition using 16mm slides (?)

Pratt was given Brooklyn Public Library’s 16mm film collection, since they cannot hold on to all of them, they would love to see them recycled in a design competition. If you have ideas, contact Johanna.

+ Facilities: (contact Keith Lindberg:

+ To highlight the many (green) changes that the Facilities department has made on campus

+ Facilities is also working with firm, Cooper, Robertson + Partners regarding the campus master plan. If you are interested in providing input, please contact Keith Lindberg: 

+ Material re-use: Possibility for a design competition to re-use materials from the temporary studios in ARC building. Materials will not be available until summer, though competition could kick-off at greenweek.

+ Pratt Center: (contact Tanu Kumar:

+ To host a discussion group type format where we present our sustainability initiatives to a group

+ Interior Design Materials Library: (contact Michael Adkins:

+ to host material life-cycle analysis presentation

+ Resourcing material (sculptural) competition

+NYC Department of Transportation Free Helmet Giveaway (contact Chris Jensen: cjensen@pratt.ed)

+ Representatives of the NYC Department of Transportation will be giving away free helmets to dedicated and aspiring bicyclists alike. Make your shift to sustainable transportation safe with one of DOT’s unmistakeable helmets. A perfect accessory for CitiBike users! DOT staffs provide a personalized fit, so you must be present in order to receive your helmet. In addition to helmets, the DOT will provide bike maps and other transportation-oriented swag, so stop by even if you do not need a helmet! This event would take place outside East Building in good weather and within the Student Union should weather turn foul.

+ Interior Design Pratt Studio Lobby (contact Tetsu Ohara:

+ To host students work from Undergraduate and Graduate design studios where sustainable design thinking is integrated.

+ School of Architecture Higgins Hall Lobby & Pitt 

+ To host both undergraduate and graduate design studios where sustainable design thinking is integrated.

+ Details TBD

Eat your design comp 2014 summary