CSDS_Sustainability_Crash_Course_2012_finalImagine being able to spend one amazing day immersed in learning about sustainable design—and meeting the people who have pioneered new thinking and practices. On Saturday, March 24, 2012, Pratt’s CSDS will present the Sustainability Crash Course, a day-long series of workshops with a host of experts from Pratt’s sustainable design faculty and elsewhere. This will be great chance to hear experts discuss everything from Ecology and Biomimicry to Packaging Design and Life-Cycle Analysis. With over 20 speakers, it is sure to be a fantastic day of exploration and inspiration!
Registration required. Space is limited.

Highlights include:

The Seven Golden Rules of Green Marketing
Green Team, a Manhattan-based communications agency that specializes in sustainability, takes a look at Awakening Consumers, and how they are driving seven of the most significant trends in business today. This lively and engaging presentation will look at the good, the bad and the ugly of how some brands have responded.
Hugh Hough, President, Green Team
Hank Stewart, VP Brand Strategy, Green Team

Ecosystems: Where They Came From, How They Work, and Why They Stick Around
Prof. Chris Jensen – Pratt Institute

Eco-Design and Life-Cycle Analysis: Strategies, Tools and Case Studies
Carolyn Schaeberle – Pratt CSDS

Fracking! Will it affect NYC?
From bringing radioactive gas to our kitchens, increasing our state taxes to pay for environmental, health and social problems Upstate, threatening our investments and financial systems, increasing storms and floods due to effects on climate change, eliminating our local and organic food supplies, and removing incentives to bring NYC into a 21st century of sustainable solutions, fracking negatively and directly impacts NYC. This presentation will explore what fracking is, and how it will affect the lives of all New Yorkers.
Alice Zinnes – Pratt Institute, Anti-fracking activist.

Sustainable Storm Water Management: Theory to Implementation
Much talk and some action has happened around New York City in order to find sustainable solutions to storm water management. This panel discussion offers the opportunity to hear about two organizations, dlandstudio and Atema, that have been working on innovative design solutions for sustainable storm water management in conjunction with Tom Jost, Senior Urban Strategist at Parsons Brinckerhoff, who has worked on multiple large scale sustainable projects and offers insight into the process and challenges involved when implementing projects in New York City. Together the panelists will explore and expand upon their experience of the theory, design and implementation of sustainable storm water management in New York City.
Presented by Pratt’s LEAP: Leaders for Environmental Advocacy

Life Cycle Workshop: A Qualitative Approach to Identifying Environmental Impacts
This hands-on workshop will explore the life of a product from raw materials, through production, use and end of life. Through this investigation you will be introduced to tools and methods that connect products to their environmental impacts. Armed with this new perspective, you will be poised to develop strategies that improve the ecological intelligence of your designs.
Frank Millero – Pratt Institute, Frank Millero Studio

Won Dharma Center
Won Dharma Center is American Headquarters for Won Buddhism which is a sect of Buddhism in Korea.The Unique characteristic of Won Buddhism is the deep philosophy of the founder of Won Buddhism to bring practice of Buddhism into the everyday life, thus concentrating on the teachings of Buddha rather than grand spaces for the worship of the Buddha.
The site is 430 acres of forest and meadow with the Berkshire Mountains to the east and an open hillside facing west across the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains.
Of the 430 acres, 300 acres are designated as a conservation area leaving 130 acres of build able land.
The directive for the design of the project was simplicity, sustainability, humility and Korean.
Peter Barna – Principal, Light and Space; Pratt’s Provost
Tom Hanrahan – Principal, Hanrahan Meyers Architects; Pratt’s Dean of Architecture
Myonggi Sul – Principal, Myonggi Sul Design; Pratt’s faculty in Interior Design Department

Decoding Environmental Science
Science often is spoken in a language only scientists can understand. In this lecture, the mystery of science is decoded. Get to know climate change and basis behind environmental impacts we face today as designers and problem solvers.
Laura Senkevitch – Environmental Analyst and Educator

The Clever Little Bag for Puma
In partnering with PUMA, a leader in sportswear, shoes and products, fuseproject looked to create a game changing packaging system that would greatly reduce their footprint and build on their initiatives toward cleaner, greener, and safer practices contributing to a better world around.
Bart Haney – Fuse Project

Design Opportunities in the Social Sector
Impacting the world in a positive way, whether globally or locally, is the common objective of all social designers. This collaborative discussion offers the opportunity to hear about two design companies, dh studio and TYTHEdesign, working in the social sector. Both companies help non-profits and social ventures address the issues they are passionate about by helping them work better, provide improved service and realize the impacts they want to see. Together the two companies will explore the many different ways designers can create impact, including branding, products, systems, education, spaces and workshops. Challenges inherent to working with non-profits and social ventures like limited resources, multiple stakeholders and measuring impacts will also be discussed.
Sahar Ghaheri and Ashley Thorfinnson, co-founders of dh studio
Kristina Drury, founder of TYTHEdesign