Tonight Pratt’s Student Government Association, Program Board, Envirolutions, and NYPIRG campus chapter will come together to host the first Sustainability Summit to bring together both students and faculty to discuss what Pratt is currently doing for sustainability and to identify ways to can increase that impact by setting concrete goals to work on in the year ahead.
The event will beging at 5:30 in the Higgins Hall Auditorium with a screening of Oscar nominee, Josh Fox’s latest documentary How to Let Go of the World and Love All Things Climate Can’t Change. The film follows the filmmaker on his journey to move past the initial despair that comes with environmental issues awareness and discover how global communities have come together to turn this despair into practical and positive action.

Josh Fox will speak briefly after the film, followed by a panel of faculty members to discuss the topics he addresses in the context of Pratt, how we engage sustainability on campus and what other opportunities there may be. Than panel will consist of Carl Zimring, head of the Sustainability minor, Todd Ayoung, from foundation, Chris Jensen from Math and Science, Ira Stern from Graduate Architecture, and Carolyn Shafer, coordinator of the Center for Sustainable Design Strategies. The event will then move to  the lobby for a reception which will also include informal brainstorming sessions with student groups present.

For more information and to RSVP visit the Facebook event page.