School of Art, Design Management

Students: Jackie Scarangella, Tad Barker, Jimin Hwang, Napasamon Jeeramaneemai
Faculty: Rachel Starobinsky, Yutaka Takiura

The Phoenix is a toolkit and a platform that provides its users with the means to prepare themselves in the event of a fire. We will provide a toolkit that features a tailored education and awareness program along with a platform (website) to help the individuals who live in fire-prone areas in California to be able to increase resilience, decrease risks and gain more control over wildfires risk to property. The Phoenix site will be the foundation of our program, we will offer a one-stop shop where Californians can visit to learn about how they can prepare their homes in the event of a wildfire.

This is the outline of our platform the phoenix and what we can offer our customers.


These are our goals and objectives with this project and how we can impact Californians.


This is the prototype for our website and how it will look.


This is the prototype for our Insurance calculator which will be a primary tool for our product so that users can calculate what their insurance policy will look like with the reductions.


We will also offer our users a blog with how to videos and articles with how to prepare for wildfires.


These are the key objectives of the project and what we hope to achieve.