The best place to play The Evolution of Sustainable Use is in a computer lab. With the addition of a USB numberpad, groups of four to six students using a single internet-connected computer can play a round of the game in ten to fifteen minutes.

Chris Jensen – The Sustainable Use of Fisheries

Christopher X J. Jensen, PhD

Department of Math and Science

The Sustainable Use of Fisheries is a Flash-based game designed to be played by two to eight students in a classroom setting. Students act as fishers sharing a fishery, and must make decisions about how to exploit their common resource. Players have the potential to over-exploit or under-exploit their fishery, both of which can cause their fishing village to fail. Playing the game allows students to discover the “Tragedy of the Commons” first hand, and to experiment with different approaches to regulating a limited resource. The game empowers students to answer questions about population growth, predation, cooperation, and sustainable exploitation through an inquiry-based process.

I developed this interface in collaboration with Aaron Cohen, who did all of the programming in Flash. We invite your comments and suggestions.

To check out the game, download a teacher’s guide and classroom worksheets, and learn more, please navigate to the dedicated The Sustainable Use of Fisheries page.

Our work on this project was supported by Pratt Institute’s Fund for the Improvement of Post-Secondary Education grant administered through the Center for Sustainable Design Studies.