School of Design, Graduate Interior Design

Students: Jiahan Yu, Xiaoke Li, Fanjin Zhao, Jiajie Xu – Design Team
Xiaoke Li, Lena Han, Xinduo Guo
– Launchpad Team
Faculty: Tetsu Ohara, Jennifer Telesca, Carl Zimring, Carolyn Shafer, Danielle Trofe, Frank Millero

Tomatoes are a favorite fruit in Africa but are also a waste problem. This is particularly true in, Nigeria, the most populated country in Africa with the highest percentage of tomato waste. This waste can be greatly reduced by using interior design strategies in the post-harvest stage.


A storage system which could best preserve tomatoes from the post-harvest stage, including “Mud houses” built on farmland, and a basket which could be put inside the Mud House and used during transportation and to the marketplace. The Mud house solves the overheating, poor insulation problem and the redesigned basket provides better insulation, all the design details are inspired by biomimicry phenomenon.
Section + plan of the mud house
Exploded axonometric view of the mud house


Redesigned basket
Launchpad pitch
Panama rainforest expedition