School of Design, Graduate Interior Design

Student: Chen Zhongh
Faculty: Tetsu Ohara

This project proposes an Integrated Wellness Center for patients with anxiety disorders. Anxiety
causes irritation, put excessive stress and cause entanglement to patients both physically and
To counter this condition, the Integrated Wellness Center is designed with a circulation flow that
relieves stress through a gradual untangling process. Patients encounter various untangling
experiences that are incorporated with group therapy treatment, moving from private to public,
quiet to loud, enclosed to open.

This is the intermediate space between one-on-one private therapy with professional psychiatrists and small group therapy. Patients pass through individual therapy rooms, identifying their level of stress. After passing through individual therapy rooms, they transition to more public spaces and gradually encounter other patients with similar conditions.


Private group therapy accommodates less than 10 members in a partially-enclosed setting, allowing patients to converse and share their experiences.


Open group therapy accommodates more than 10 members in a public setting, providing gathering space and group activities.


Self-meditation with seating is provided for self-calming and filtering stress in a quiet area, marking the end of the treatment.


Self-meditation for reading.

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